Greetings World, I'm Amina, the artist behind Vibrant Bee Creative Studio! 

I am a young artist from Louisiana, who loves to create vibrant works of art through my creative inner guidance. Just like most artist's I've been drawing since I was very young, and I decided to create embrace my love for art creation full-time!

My works range from portraits, 80s patterns, zentangles, mandalas, and more often, line art that anyone can interact with for artful meditation, aka, coloring pages.

Here at Vibrant Bee, you will discover my thoughts, decisions, and the stories behind the works of art that I create! Sometimes I document my works in journal form, and sometimes just in video. 

I created this virtual Studio to properly showcase, & document the works I create and connect with art lovers like myself!

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portrait of Amina Bey
coloring pages of a cat

Speaking of Art Lovers..

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OR you can check out my Coloring Pages, Originals, or Society6 Store below to collect some art!

Again, I'm Amina, welcome to my Studio, stick around and check out my content below!

Bee You, Bee Vibrant, 13Love.