Much Respect to Trial & Error

There's a lot to learn in time when you make mistakes, good or bad, every experience has a purpose right?

So when I was thinking and going through the motions of "studying" my composition this week, I discovered that its okay to make mistakes in my art. I used to get so fustrated when I was much younger and creating because I would draw up a picture, and throw the sheet away if an eye was off.

Knowing what I know now, I would have put the page to the side and tried again and actually CRITIQUED what I did wrong and analyed and fix and what not.

Now that i'm trying to be more serious about my craft, I want to create works of art that I had ideas of and actually execute them and not give up!

So if you'd like to continue reading on for this week's art diary entry, keep scrolling below!

first week art journal entry

Sunday  2/19

After making some jack fruit "burritos" with my love, I went with my usual routine (that I'm trying to stick to) >> Plan my social media post for the week!

  • Sticking to coloring one coloring page from my shop on Mondays.
  • Tuesday, study some concepts, play with markers, sketch up something! Something that will lead up to a final painting for the week.
  • Wednesday finish "Amma" painting.
  • Thursday turn an old piece into a bigger and more final painting.
  • Friday reflect on the week to see how I can improve.

Now the week is ready to go! :)

Monday 2/20

aquarius coloring sheet

I set out to color one sheet from my shop every Monday so this is the coloring sheet of this week! There really isn't much to say about Monday besides the fact that I managed to do some personal writing in my binder and do some brain dumping.

AKA write everything that comes to mind, good and bad ideas to further clear my mind.

Tuesday 2/21

Best part of the week tbh. Simply because this is the turning point of me as an artist and coming to the realization of why I was created to create. You see, I have the weird thing about myself in art when I just jot down a drawing or sketch and condsider that the final piece. Then I would get pissed becaue the drawing looks absolutely nothing like what I envisioned.

So took to backgdoor advice from my old profs. by creating THUMBNAILS. If you're not sure as to what a thumbnail is, a thumbnail is simply a little rough sketch of what your composition is.

Thumbnails help you study your composition and work through your mistakes like the nose too high, the shoulder too low, or the lips not big enough and stuff like that you know? I mini sketch out  my composition several times until its about where I want it to be.


The time for the final sketch is here and I am ready to have my persoanl styled reference image to work from in my painting!

thumbnails and sketches

Wednesday 2/22

Now I've re-drawn my "final" sketch onto a canvas so I can paint! (Duhhr) But anyways yeah, I'm all ready to start laying down my paint and see where this takes me.

Thursday 2/23

big amma

Accidental under-painting that works! I wanted to go with a galaxy vibe, but I wasn't feeling how things where going so I mixed some shades of red and made the painting PINK! Not all mistakes are bad ones. This painting started off as something simple but as I made more mistakes and tried to work my way through them and fix them, I discovered more things I could do as well as the meaning of this painting.

This piece is called "Message from Amma"

  • The background is a gloomy night sky.
  • Amma standing out from the night sky in focus
  • The hair is green because it resembles earth.
  • Amma's skin is pink because that's the color of flesh.

Artist Interpretation:

No matter how down or gloomy your day can get, all you have to do is look up to the sky to feel Amma shining through. Amma earth, the creator, is in the sky but also within you, in the flesh. So keep your head up and know that everything will be just fine...

Friday 2/24

what did I learn this week. just sat back relaxed and thought of the way I used to create art and why I know better than to rush and not try something over and over again.

I wasn't sure as to why I chose the composition & pose at the beginning of this week's painting, but not that I'm thinking about this all... Everything makes sense.

Never forget what matters at the end of the day:

  • The creator is always with me and my needs will ALWAYS be met.
  • Mistakes are in place for me to learn and grow from. I'm here to create and learn.
  • There is a certain kind of beauty in learning from moments in life that merges time and understanding into one just  from a simple mistake.
love, Amina

Why Do I Love to Create?

This isn't a question that I'm asked quite a lot by the masses, but this is a question I ask myself when I feel uninspired to create something for the day.

For this week, I'd like to discuss my reasons for creating by flipping through the pages of my sketchbook and old art work :)

Why do I love to Create?

When I was about 10, I created my first completed drawing and I thought it was pretty awesome.

It was a drawing of me with a green furry synthetic jacket (but the fur got all sizzled because I put it in the dryer lmao) and some jean pants on. ( I hate that I don't have a picture of it right now lol )

But yeah! I was so proud of it because I used all of my best colored pencils and I was all hyped on showing everyone at my grandma's house lol.

My cousin bubb loved my drawing too so he re-drew my drawing and made it even better! It felt hella cool to have someone copy off my original work of art!

I'm not gonna sit here and say that I was salty because his drawing was better, than mine because I wasn't... But it was in that moment in my life that I knew my art wasn't just for me.

I really felt that everything I created from there on out had to be shared  because my art inspired another other person to re-create something that I started.

Being that my cousin is no "Arteest", but a talented music producer who played sports n stuff, it was really cool to see that he wanted to re-make a lil some just for the hell of it just to see how he'd do!

The idea of me creating a drawing, painting, sketch sketching, whatever, anything for someone to re-make and add their own creative flame on top of it was pretty inspiring to say the least.

I inspired someone else to draw and they inspired me to inspired me to draw again lol!

Looking back on this moment now I don't see myself stopping this passion for creating works of art for others to be inspired by. 

Annddd to be honest, I believe that's why I love to create.

Me just being moved to do something with my hands to inspire other people to do it too.

Just like when people make music. People can dance, sing, remix, and vibe off of.

But with art, And I can inspire people remix and put there creative spin to.

I know I just said that in three different ways but DAMN.

Art is LIT. 

Just me opening the door to inspire other people to create, explore and have some fun. (4th time lol)

But yeah! I made a video about this subject, and myself as an artist, and some few other details, so if you like visuals n shtuff and want to know a lil' bit more, check out my video below!

But with that said, I'm out :)

13 Love, Bee You, Bee Vibrant,

love, amina

My 9 Step Creative Process

"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it" -Kurt Vonnequt 

Since, I was about seven years old, I've been drawing, and crafting to pass time and just explore. When I changed my major in college for the third time, I had realized that I should've friggin' stick to what I FRIGGIN' knew!

Yes, I understand, you live, you learn, and that's just  part of the process of living.

Buuuuuuuut I seriously could have saved 30K by ignoring my family with that one.

Elementary Education, Dental Hygiene, Business Management, Graphic Design(that actually helped) but  like WTF?

Creating art is what makes my soul grow, makes me have euphoria, makes me want to fly, spread love, spread joy. Bee LOVE.

You know?

Its just the essence of the mere process of creating make me feel like what I do in my own life has a divine purpose.

But that is what inspired this post today.

Today I will shed some light on the decisions and steps I take to get to a more "final" painting project I invest my time into.

I'm not a Class A expert or some shit someone would say, but from artist to artist, artist to (you have a talent in something else lol) the process of creating art is a work of art itself.

Trust me.

My 9 Step Creative Process

Over the years, my Family, friends, and people I've been cool with has asked me the SAME question that I never could give an answer to. 

The million dollar question: "How did you draw that?"

I don't know about you but, I'm not sure why the hell everyone (people that aren't artist's) thinks that painting is drawing.

I mean, it is.... buuuut, not exactly...?

I say this, because in the past I only posted my paintings because they were more final, finished, and ready to sell.

So when people would ask me that question I would get stuck because there was a lot of things that I went through that led up to the final shabang that they saw in the end y'know?

Anyways, lets get down n boogiiee and go through this process lol.

One: GeT some Inspiration!

Easier said than done. Period.

I can spend on minimum 2 hours online trying to find the perfect reference images to fit perfectly with what I have in mind to create.

Because of this, I sometimes find myself in a creative block and it will cause me to be uninspired :/ boo.

So what do I do? I study.

Yes study. Not the bookworm worm way, but the ARTSY way :D.

Crafting a collage in my sketchbook of things that inspire me like women, patterns etc. would first get my creative juices flowing.

While I'm crafting to clear my mind, I then precede with putting the pencil to paper disregarding style or uber complex details and just jotting stuff down.

After playing around with what I see, I usually have an "aha" moment and try to decide what medium I want to choose for the painting. (This would take a few hours of doing)

Two: Choose a Medium

When I paint I stick to just three mediums. Watercolor, Oils, and Acrylic.

Now which one I typically select out of the three, solely depends on the surface, size and purpose.

Not so fancy of reasons really, so let's move on to the next step!

hot pink acrylic paint

Three: Pick a Surface

Mixed media paper, scrap wood, or wrapped canvas? 

Mixed Media Paper:

  • Sizes: 5x7 - 11x14
  • Purpose: Watercolor studies

Scrap wood:

  • Size: depend on what I find of course
  • Purpose: just to explore and play with the oils to see what I come up with since they take a little while to dry.

Wrapped Canvas:

  • Sizes: 8x10 - 20x24
  • Purpose: finalized concepts to paint for sale!

I love to work with acrylics the most simply because how quick they dry and how easy they are to cover mistakes and move on.

Four: Thumbnails and Sketches

After I decided what I wanted to create, what surface and materials I'll be using, its time for me to "study" again.

But this time I would actually be studying in a way that is creating a mental road map that I can follow for the final piece!

So general to the specific observations with thumbnails, and a final sketch of all of my non-mistakes compiled from the thumbnails and things like that.

There's a lot to appreciate in this step because If I just dive in to a painting without taking a deeper look in what I want to create, my painting could look like complete shit and I will feel like I wasted my time (lmao).

Of course a few times I went head first in a painting and everything was just fine, but if the painting is a commission, I would definitely go through this step and weave out my mistakes before I bring out the paint.

thumbnails and sketches

Five: Color Studies

No lie, I skip this step A LOT. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I'm glad I did.

Reason being, is that, by the time I make it to this step, I already have in mind what colors I want to go where, and also the theme, and vibe is already in place.

Granted, it helps a lot to put the colors in place so I can early on see how the colors work together, but going with the flow hasn't hurt me yet :) 

Six: Dive In

Step six and I'm finally ready to bring out the paint. Finally ready to sketch out the composition on the canvas.

And finally to put some colors down to see how this painting turns out.

In the past this part was the most dreadful part of this process because all of the fun I had leading up to this, has burnt out. But this usually doesn't happen that often, because I'm still going to finish, I'm just letting you know lol. 

Seven: Reflect & Self Critique

An hour or two may go by, I'm painting and I've got a million thoughts and decisions going and running through my mind, and I need a break.

I break for about an hour, or maybe a day so that I can take another look at what I have so far with some fresh eyes.

Some people may think that this step is completely pointless, but trust me, there's nothing worse than having to try and fix a mess. Sometimes the fixes are small, but sometimes, they're a shit show that you'd want to give up on. 


With a fresh set of eyes, I can analyze my mistakes and determine how I can fix them to get closer to what I envisioned.

mother nature painting


Eight: Re-PLAY

This creative journey is almost over *tear drop, rain dr.*

Nope, :D I'm happy dan a mofo because I'm almost done goddddammn hell yeah! lol. LET'S GO! (Katt Williams Voice)

Let me stop playing lol.

But yeah, sometimes in this step I'd go back and repeat a few of my previous steps just to make sure I stay on the track of my plan, but It's not always necessary for me to do so, so I just move on to the next step!

Nine: Final Finishes

Painting my out lines, putting signature down, and have a lil' photo shoot lol.

Not every art piece I create gets this detailed because I just dive in sometimes, of course, but for those that have asked, "how did you do that" here's my long overdue, dragged out answer lol.

So yeah, that's my creative process!  There's a certain kind of beauty in the process of an evolved thumbnail to a wonderful painting to share :)

I hope that this post helps! Feel free to let tell me all about your creative process or what you think of mine. But with that, I'll see you in the next post!.

13Love, Bee You, Bee Vibrant,

love, Amina