Much Respect to Trial & Error

There's a lot to learn in time when you make mistakes, good or bad, every experience has a purpose right?

So when I was thinking and going through the motions of "studying" my composition this week, I discovered that its okay to make mistakes in my art. I used to get so fustrated because I would draw up a picture, and throw the sheet away if it wasn't how I imagined.

Knowing what I know now, I would have put the page to the side and tried again and actually CRITIQUED what I did wrong to fix and make it better and what not.

Journal Entries of the week begins in 3,2,1....

first week art journal entry
aquarius coloring sheet

Sunday  2/19

After making some jack fruit "burritos" with my love, I went with my usual routine (that I'm trying to stick to) >> Plan my social media posts for the week!

  • Sticking to coloring one coloring page from my shop on Mondays.
  • Tuesday, study some concepts, play with markers, sketch up something to turn into a final concept. 
  • Wednesday, start and finish the painting of the week.
  • Thursday turn an old piece into a bigger and more final painting.
  • Friday reflect on the week to see how I can improve.


Monday 2/20

I set out to color one sheet from my shop or create a coloring page, every Monday and this week was the "Aquarius Water Bearer".  I spent about an hour filming and coloring this page and it turned out a lot more colorful than I expected. I thought that picking 3 separate color scemes would make this page super dull, but surprisingly not.

thumbnails and sketches

Tuesday 2/21

Best part of the week because I learned how to let go of my obsession to make things perfect.

THUMBNAILS are HELPFUL, and it doesn't matter if they are perfect or not.

Normally I'd run away from thumbnails because they're so ugly, but I learned that drawing the rough sketches, helped me understand clearer, of where I wanted things to be placed, and how

You know how you have a great idea in mind to do something really DOPE, then when you go to do it, it turns out to be NOTHING like you imagined?

That's what thumbnails helped me AVOID. 

big amma

Wednesday 2/22

Today's the day. Pencil to canvas (to jot down the composition) and paint to canvas to get things rollin.

Thursday 2/23

This piece is called "Big Amma Love"

  • The background represents a gloomy night sky.
  • The woman in the painting is my version of Big Amma.
  • Amma is standing out from the night sky is in focus
  • The hair is green because it resembles earth.
  • Amma's skin is pink because that's the color of flesh.

Artist Interpretation/Concept:

No matter how down or gloomy your day can get, all you have to do is look up to the sky to feel Amma shining through. Amma earth, the creator, is in the sky but also within you, because you RAMMA in the flesh. So keep your head up and know that everything will be just fine...

Friday 2/24

I made a few mistakes in the "Big Amma Love" painting this week, but the mistakes helped me learn that everything isn't perfect from the beginning. As an artist, I should work through my mistakes, and keep going no matter what. 

I know that art is very theaputic, calming, and freeing, but I didn't know I was going to get a life lesson in the process of creating this week lol.

Here's what I must remember:

  • The creator is always with me and my needs will ALWAYS be met.
  • Mistakes are in place for me to learn and grow from. I'm here to create and learn.
  • There is a certain kind of beauty in learning from mistakes, and mistakes are never mistakes if you don't grow from them.

That conclude this week's journal entries! If you have anything to share with me, leave a comment below!

13Love, Bee You, Bee Vibrant,

love, Amina
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