42 Ideals of Ma'at

Greetings world! Feels great to be back to blogging again, I know it's been a little while but I'm back!

But just a few weeks ago I was feeling uninspired and talking about how I plan to create art spontaneously through art prompts and what not, and stuff like that, yeah, yeah lol. BUTTTT! I started one and abruptly stopped because I was hit with three essays to complete just before graduation. (Probably don't seem like much but trust me, I don't do well with essays and I needed all the time I could get)

So I made sure I handled my short term goal of finishing off college for good to officially, officially began my journey of building my craft and business!

College, CHECK. Part-time job, CHECK. Vibrant Bee Art, Current Process!

So here we are! To be quite honest over the past few months I've been struggling to juggle my spirituality, life, and business because juggling the three is fairly new to me.

I wanted to get a grasp of my life and find a way to balance what I must do and what I love to do to thrive y'know?

I completely innerstand that I should be following my passion along with being righteous, but I, just for the longest, just couldn't get things right. I'd always had one, but not the other, but I want so desperately to have both! For about a week I was good at reciting my affirmations, taking the time to do my palils, and give thanks to the Most Highs, but I wasn't creating art at all. Or in reverse, I would create art frequently, but not building my spirituality.

Shame, I know. My incompetence and inconsistency is keeping from growing spiritually and with my talents.

That's why I decided to create a personal challenge to transform my affirmations into word art and doodles!

Two birds and stones, kill two birds and a stone, one stone, to birds, dead, whatever, however the saying goes you know what I mean lol.

So yeah, let's just see where this goes! I'll recite my affirmations daily, as well turn them into art daily! How bout dat?? Lol. Anyways, that's all I have today!

Bee Vibrant, 13Love

love, amina
42 Ideals of Ma'at