30 Days of Meditative Art

30 Days of Meditative Art

I'm not sure what sparked me to begin a month long challenge but, after completing last weeks paintings, I wanted to create more. A lot more. (well there's the reason sherlock)


But, Its no challenge for me to create something over the span of a fews days, but its REALLY something for me to create daily.

Not because I can be true to my urge of procastination, but mainly because I spend a lot time thinking more than I create. #guiltyGuiltyguilty

So I'm beginning this journey to challenge myself to create a piece of art everyday!

No prompts, no guide, just me, and my creativity.

No hours upon hours looking for references. Just drawing, doodling, and creating as I should. There won't be any weekly journal entries this month so, if you want to stay updated with my challenge, follow me on my social media.

Feel free to join me this month of creating art everyday by the way. Mandalas, zentangles, doodles, portraits, and any form of meditative art that you can come up with is worthy! But anyways, I'm closing this post so rememer to

Bee You, & Bee Vibrant 13Love.

love, Amina
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