Greetings! Anndd Greetings! 


Today I would like to present my new painting of the week named :  "Detachment"

This piece started at 1 A.M. Today When I was struggling to go back to sleep.  (typical lol)

When I have my insomnia episodes I try to write or sketch out my thoughts because I believe the universal energy is trying to give me a message, or bring some profound clarity I've been waiting for.


To Amma, Abba, and my Ancestors, I got the message and I thankh yahh. 13love.



By sticking to the theme of the divine feminine, I proceeded with creating a work of art that involved vibrant colors, flowers, and a woman like usual.

There's always a million thoughts about any and everything coming and flowing in the process of me creating a new painting, so the purpose and meaning of the art comes when I complete the work.

Lately I've been feeling like the more I create, the more I look at the ones I love a lot differently, and begin to grow apart from them.

I'm getting better with my creativity.. I see myself growing, progressing and all of that, buuuut I feel like I'm a healthy tree surrounded by blooming flowers in the middle of no where....

But to be honest? I have this deep feeling that so much life, vibrance, prosperity, and all of the great things are coming my way. And trust me, I am Ready! Lol.

If of course... I continue to create. 

If I stop working on my craft, I won't grow skillfully or spiritually. But if I just stick to what I know, I'll forever be content and I will bloom. Surrounded or not.

That's the interpretation of this piece. .. 


For more on this piece, go to  Aminaverse :)

But with that said, I'll bee back tomorrow for More...

Bee Vibrant, 13love, Amina :)

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