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Vibrant Bee Queen

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Greetings Bees,

Today will simply just be a Picture-Scroll thru process of one my latest artworks titled "Vibrant Bee Queen".

I created this piece on a whim trying to get out of one my creative blocks and I started off with an abstract background. Covering the blank canvas with some color really got the ball rolling for me and I preceded with searching for an image on pinterest to draw/paint.

For about 30 minutes I found nothing and I decided to look at a few pictures of myself and I came up with my final piece.

Truly there was no deeper thought process behind this piece I just used the remainder of the paint I had left before I went to the store to buy more. And even for the title of the piece, I called "Vibrant Bee Queen" because I'm the queen of my own world and this site, so yeahhh lol. Anddd... heres the outcome...



Finished Piece!


Bee You, be creative, Bee Vibrant, 13Love

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