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After experimenting with art styles for months, The First Official Collection of Vibrant Bee Digital Abstracts was created as you will see below...

For a while, I've been trying to find a way to express myself through my artwork that embodied how I felt about life and how I should carry myself. (To simply put et yeah)

But, before I didn't realize what I was getting at with my art, nor did I even know what direction Vibrant Bee itself was supposed to go. I just knew I wanted to create colorful expressive art, and explore a million art styles until I found my "thing".

Well guess what. I got my epiphany and I got my "thing".

I was reworking my Instagram, and website's bio when I took another look at my work and asked myself how does my art symbolizes life??

I got to thinking, I had recently looked up willing things into exsistence, laws of attraction, thinking positive, yeah, yeah yeah right?

So I was sitting on my bed thinking how can I sumarize the meaning of my artwork all in one sentence, and BOOM. Here's what I came up with:

"The moments in we live are determined by the choices we make"

Simple, but effective, I but this shit riiight here? This right heree? Is my life's motto yo.

Future, past, present all going at the same time I fully comprehend now. If you live and think vibrantly, you'll have a vibrant life. Every road we take, every moment we have, teaches us something, rewards us something, and for that, just that ALONE I've got my clarity. As a collection of my entire life's moments, I am who I am, I am whole. Every atom, cell, mineral, dna strand, every thought, feeling, good experience, and bad ones all makes up my entire exsistence.

What I do from here on, is up to me.

I want to heal the world with my artwork through the symbolisim of simply choosing to express yourself vibrantly and unapologetically with grace and love. Expressively Bee Dull or Bee Vibrant. That simple.

Down below I have my first collection for you to explore, but there's more HERE . 

But with that, I'll speak to you all in the next post. 13LOVE -Amina.


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