Greetings! Anndd Greetings! 


Today I would like to present my new painting of the week named :  "Detachment"

This piece started at 1 A.M. Today When I was struggling to go back to sleep.  (typical lol)

When I have my insomnia episodes I try to write or sketch out my thoughts because I believe the universal energy is trying to give me a message, or bring some profound clarity I've been waiting for.


To Amma, Abba, and my Ancestors, I got the message and I thankh yahh. 13love.



By sticking to the theme of the divine feminine, I proceeded with creating a work of art that involved vibrant colors, flowers, and a woman like usual.

There's always a million thoughts about any and everything coming and flowing in the process of me creating a new painting, so the purpose and meaning of the art comes when I complete the work.

Lately I've been feeling like the more I create, the more I look at the ones I love a lot differently, and begin to grow apart from them.

I'm getting better with my creativity.. I see myself growing, progressing and all of that, buuuut I feel like I'm a healthy tree surrounded by blooming flowers in the middle of no where....

But to be honest? I have this deep feeling that so much life, vibrance, prosperity, and all of the great things are coming my way. And trust me, I am Ready! Lol.

If of course... I continue to create. 

If I stop working on my craft, I won't grow skillfully or spiritually. But if I just stick to what I know, I'll forever be content and I will bloom. Surrounded or not.

That's the interpretation of this piece. .. 


For more on this piece, go to  Aminaverse :)

But with that said, I'll bee back tomorrow for More...

Bee Vibrant, 13love, Amina :)


I honor Virtue

Day one of 42 Ideals of Ma'at! 


Greetings world! Today's the first day of my personal challenge to transform the 42 Ideals of Ma'at to works of art! To learn more about this personal challenge of mine, click here to read more.

Down below are some shots of today affirmation, transformation, manifestation? lol. I dunno, Don't mind me, just keep scrolling, and I hope you enjoy!


Bee Vibrant, 13 Love!

love, Amina

42 Ideals of Ma'at

Greetings world! Feels great to be back to blogging again, I know it's been a little while but I'm back!

But just a few weeks ago I was feeling uninspired and talking about how I plan to create art spontaneously through art prompts and what not, and stuff like that, yeah, yeah lol. BUTTTT! I started one and abruptly stopped because I was hit with three essays to complete just before graduation. (Probably don't seem like much but trust me, I don't do well with essays and I needed all the time I could get)

So I made sure I handled my short term goal of finishing off college for good to officially, officially began my journey of building my craft and business!

College, CHECK. Part-time job, CHECK. Vibrant Bee Art, Current Process!

So here we are! To be quite honest over the past few months I've been struggling to juggle my spirituality, life, and business because juggling the three is fairly new to me.

I wanted to get a grasp of my life and find a way to balance what I must do and what I love to do to thrive y'know?

I completely innerstand that I should be following my passion along with being righteous, but I, just for the longest, just couldn't get things right. I'd always had one, but not the other, but I want so desperately to have both! For about a week I was good at reciting my affirmations, taking the time to do my palils, and give thanks to the Most Highs, but I wasn't creating art at all. Or in reverse, I would create art frequently, but not building my spirituality.

Shame, I know. My incompetence and inconsistency is keeping from growing spiritually and with my talents.

That's why I decided to create a personal challenge to transform my affirmations into word art and doodles!

Two birds and stones, kill two birds and a stone, one stone, to birds, dead, whatever, however the saying goes you know what I mean lol.

So yeah, let's just see where this goes! I'll recite my affirmations daily, as well turn them into art daily! How bout dat?? Lol. Anyways, that's all I have today!

Bee Vibrant, 13Love

love, amina
42 Ideals of Ma'at

Altered book & Aura Art Supply Challenge!

Greetings World, how are you today? Well if you must know, I'm doing pretty darn dandy lol. Today is the day I delicate my time to catch up on any work and tasks that I didn't get a chance to complete throughout the week!

So for today, I'll show this week's art all in one post if you didn't get a chance to see these posts on my social media. 


My wasteful college is throwing away biology and sculpture books because they're all "out of date".

When I saw this MONSTROSITY going on, I immediately took about 10 books to alter and not throw away lol! If you're curious about doing the same, this is video should start you on your way. »»

Some people utilize old books as diaries, journals, mixed media scrapbooking and what not, but I'm going to just go with the flow and create whatever I can jot down and play with.


I was inspired to play with my pink, blue, and purple paint, and this is what I came up with!

Day 1: Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

Day 1: Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

Aura Art Supply  Art Around the World Challenge started on the 13th, and I couldn't be more excited! In Last week's blog post I talked about how I was trying to keep my art a variety so that I could explore and be creative, and what not. And Drea's challenge came right in time because art prompts and challenges were exactly what I was looking for!

If you haven't joined in all of the creative fun, join in already! What are you doing with your life? Have fun, be a child again! Lol  

Day 2: Nazca Lines, Peru

Day 2: Nazca Lines, Peru

Day 3: Pyramids of Giza

Day 3: Pyramids of Giza

"Vibrant Thoughts & Abstract Flowers" 

"Vibrant Thoughts & Abstract Flowers" 

Art Feature of the week!

The "Vibrant Thoughts & Abstract Flowers" art pieces are today's featured art from my shop today!

Original Art » Here

Society6 Store » Here

Free Wallpaper along with my other wallpapers and coloring pages »

This has been a fun week of art so far, and next week will be even better!  

By the Way... 


I didn't really expect for so many of my cuzzos to actually like this digital drawing, so thankh yah for all of the feedback!

When I complete this drawing et will be available as a free wallpaper (along with all of the other free wallpapers and coloring pages in Da Hive) & available on merch in my Society6 Store. So be on the look out for that! 

But thats all I have for today!   Bee You, Bee Vibrant, 13Love. 


April is Here, Now What?

My 30 Days of Meditative Art is complete, and I'm looking forward for more. But what will that be exactly?

At the midway point of my challenge I was going back and forth with myself, trying to figure out what I'll do next.

Should I paint more? Should I practice portraits? Should I create more Mandalas?

What should I do?!

I've got this box filled with a bunch of art supplies that I've collected over the years and its about time I put them all to use.

I thought about doing another challenge, but there were days when I didn't feel like I was really challenging myself y'know? I mean...., the whole point of developing my skills is to actually challenge myself right?

So doing another "challenge" wasn't going to cut it.

I need something spontaneous, random, something... out of the box

So then it hit me.

Create art based on art prompts.

With art prompts I could:

  • Continue to create art frequently
  • Explore subjects and themes out of my comfort zone
  • And lastly, I can let my creative flow, flow.

When I was doing my 30 day challenge, I would feel robotic and stiff, and the challenge turned out to be me just creating one style of art with out really challenging myself.

It takes a lot of self dicipline, to sit down everyday turn a blank surface into something different and new, but creating isn't the problem. The lack of inspiration and variety is what gets me in a creative block.

So creating works based on art prompts are a perfect fix!

Speaking of art prompts,

13Days of Art Around the World hosted and created by Drea from Aura Art Supply™ will be the first Art Prompt Challenge that I take on in April. 

So... YAAAY! lol.

She couldn't have come at a better time because I was going a little stir crazy on pinterest because I couldn't find anything really "challenging". So,Thankh yahh!! lol

When I complete this prompt, I'll find another prompt to follow and that's just it!

 To keep up with my works here's a few things to know,

  • Follow me on Social Media for daily updates.
  • Subscribe to Da Hive for weekly updates.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for monthly updates.

One more thing...

If you were on my site several weeks ago, you may notice that quite a few things have been changed around here. 

More coloring pages, art for sale, and my art even on merchandise!

Coloring is fun for the brain, and an artful meditation form that you can hand proudly in a frame!

The pages in my shop are PDFs that you print any where, and as many times as you please!

If you don't have access to a printer, don't worry, I will print every page in my shop and the free pages from Da Hive (48 pages total) for just $8 by email.

In the month of March I created quite a bit of art, that is finally in my shop up for sale. The prices range from $7-$125!

Society 6 is, and I quote:

Society6 is the home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works as 30+ premium consumer goods from Art Prints to Throw Blankets. They create, we produce and fulfill, and every purchase pays an artist. They create, we produce and fulfill, and every purchase pays an artist. Simple, but huge.

If you miss out on purchasing an original from my shop, you still can get my art on other goods! Great right?

I've spent a lot of time creating art, and re-designing my site to make better customer experience overall surrounding my brand, so if you're a supporter, I hope this makes you happy! 

But that's all I have to say for today! See you guys in the next post.

Bee Vibrant, Bee You, &13LOVE.

love, Amina

Much Respect to Trial & Error

There's a lot to learn in time when you make mistakes, good or bad, every experience has a purpose right?

So when I was thinking and going through the motions of "studying" my composition this week, I discovered that its okay to make mistakes in my art. I used to get so fustrated because I would draw up a picture, and throw the sheet away if it wasn't how I imagined.

Knowing what I know now, I would have put the page to the side and tried again and actually CRITIQUED what I did wrong to fix and make it better and what not.

Journal Entries of the week begins in 3,2,1....

first week art journal entry
aquarius coloring sheet

Sunday  2/19

After making some jack fruit "burritos" with my love, I went with my usual routine (that I'm trying to stick to) >> Plan my social media posts for the week!

  • Sticking to coloring one coloring page from my shop on Mondays.
  • Tuesday, study some concepts, play with markers, sketch up something to turn into a final concept. 
  • Wednesday, start and finish the painting of the week.
  • Thursday turn an old piece into a bigger and more final painting.
  • Friday reflect on the week to see how I can improve.

Monday 2/20

I set out to color one sheet from my shop or create a coloring page, every Monday and this week was the "Aquarius Water Bearer".  I spent about an hour filming and coloring this page and it turned out a lot more colorful than I expected. I thought that picking 3 separate color scemes would make this page super dull, but surprisingly not.

thumbnails and sketches

Tuesday 2/21

Best part of the week because I learned how to let go of my obsession to make things perfect.

THUMBNAILS are HELPFUL, and it doesn't matter if they are perfect or not.

Normally I'd run away from thumbnails because they're so ugly, but I learned that drawing the rough sketches, helped me understand clearer, of where I wanted things to be placed, and how

You know how you have a great idea in mind to do something really DOPE, then when you go to do it, it turns out to be NOTHING like you imagined?

That's what thumbnails helped me AVOID. 

big amma

Wednesday 2/22

Today's the day. Pencil to canvas (to jot down the composition) and paint to canvas to get things rollin.

Thursday 2/23

This piece is called "Big Amma Love"

  • The background represents a gloomy night sky.
  • The woman in the painting is my version of Big Amma.
  • Amma is standing out from the night sky is in focus
  • The hair is green because it resembles earth.
  • Amma's skin is pink because that's the color of flesh.

Artist Interpretation/Concept:

No matter how down or gloomy your day can get, all you have to do is look up to the sky to feel Amma shining through. Amma earth, the creator, is in the sky but also within you, because you RAMMA in the flesh. So keep your head up and know that everything will be just fine...

Friday 2/24

I made a few mistakes in the "Big Amma Love" painting this week, but the mistakes helped me learn that everything isn't perfect from the beginning. As an artist, I should work through my mistakes, and keep going no matter what. 

I know that art is very theaputic, calming, and freeing, but I didn't know I was going to get a life lesson in the process of creating this week lol.

Here's what I must remember:

  • The creator is always with me and my needs will ALWAYS be met.
  • Mistakes are in place for me to learn and grow from. I'm here to create and learn.
  • There is a certain kind of beauty in learning from mistakes, and mistakes are never mistakes if you don't grow from them.

That conclude this week's journal entries! If you have anything to share with me, leave a comment below!

13Love, Bee You, Bee Vibrant,

love, Amina