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Welcome to my Studio!

Amina Bey Artist

Art journal page

Greetings World, I'm Amina Bey, the artist behind Vibrant Bee Creative Studio!

I am an artist from Louisiana, who loves to create vibrant works of art through my creative inner guidance... And just like most artists I've been creating artwork since I was very young, and with Vibrant Bee, I can share my continued journey!

I love making handmade journals and repurposing my old artworks by collaging them into an Art Journal spread. The art of Art Journaling has given me the freedom to create whatever inspires me without the pressure of being perfect and having an "art style".

For a long time, I struggled with defining what type of artist I was.

I'm the type of person to have a million ideas inspiring me and I did my best to act on all of them. Mandalas here, portraits there, abstract paintings over here, and sketching over there. So one day I had an Ah-Ha moment and said:

"Just Create, anything can be art"

I chose to accept my creative randomness, and I begin to collage all of my artworks into my sketchbooks. Unbeknownts to me, there was already a movement of this going on. Art Journaling.

Art Journaling is the art of accepting your creative energy and just releasing what you've got in a creative, artful manner. (In a nutshell)

Keeping an art journal allowed me to practice, experiment, and document every sort of creative wave that came my way, and here we are!  

The mission of Vibrant Bee Creative Studio is to inspire the Artists and Creatives of this world to embrace their creative imperfections to

Just Create. Be Vibrant Creators. Be and Artful Badassesssssssss..