portrait of Amina Bey
Artwork by Amina Bey titled: "Detachment"
Pattern Artwork by Amina Bey

Greetings World, I'm Amina, the artist behind Vibrant Bee Creative Studio! 

I am an artist from Louisiana, who loves to create vibrant works of art through my creative inner guidance. Just like most artists I've been drawing since I was very young, and with Vibrant Bee, I can share my journey!

With a passion for patterns, colors, and illustrating, my works are inspired by the divine feminine, flowers, and expressive patterns.

The purpose I hope to achieve with my art, is to evolve and GROW with my art, skillfully and spiritually. The journey of creating art is a meditative dance I want to share that with the world :)

If you love free stuff and deals, you can join Da Hive to get unlimited access to my locker of free coloring pages, exclusive coupons, and updates from me directly.

Again, I'm Amina, welcome to my Studio, stick around and check out my content below stay in touch!

Remember to live and grow by beeing vibrant, wise, and vigilant. 13Love.

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